ETN accessible for the unbanked (Starlink)


I’ve seen some questions about how Electroneum is going to be accessible for the unbanked, since they are the ones who do not always have access to the internet. And without internet, ETN would be useless for them.

Well, there are multiple projects coming up in the following years aiming to provide world wide internet access using balloons, drones or satellites. The project I like the most is called Starlink, where Elon Musk is the brain behind the plan and his company SpaceX will execute it.

In short, SpaceX plans to launch thousands of satellites to provide low latency and high speed WiFi connection all around the world. The first production satellites might even be launched in 2019! More info in the link below.

Now, SpaceX will of course charge for using their Starlink network. I do hope that this will be affordable for these people and if so, problem solved and a bright future for ETN!


Qlink man, i love there project, getting wireless modems installed in cars in china, WIFI everywhere!!


good old elon doing what he does best


It’s a good project and will help ETN only more in the future! and the more unbanked people that got access to wifi the more people that could come to use ETN :blush:


Exactly. Two good projects working together without them knowing it and both are going for mass adoption.

I already see myself buying an infinite WiFi package with ETN :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great post @Farminator ! I follow everything SpaceX does closely as to me it’s just an inspirational company I love all the amazing things Elon Musk is doing for the world.

Starlink is going to be an amazing service when it’s available, testing thus far went well with the two test satellites sent up earlier this year and they got FCC approval as well not long ago.

Elons goal is to bring high speed internet literally to everyone around the world at an affordable rate.The cost should be very reasonable. I would assume Starlink will charge based on region and make sure there’s an extra affordable version for those in the 3rd world regions. They’ll launch the first batch quite fast due to the requirements of the FFC.

It appears that the company is starting out with a 4,425-satellite array, with the FCC requiring it launch at least half of those units within the next six years.

I am crazy excited to see it come to fruition and I’d absolutely switch to Starlink as an ISP soon as it’s available. I really think it’ll help connect the world to high speed internet far more than any other ISP has been able to thus far. It’ll be a huge benefit long term to ETN’s goal of mass adoption. Also I’d love to see Starlink accept Electroneum as a way to pay! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Elon accept a partnership like that at all.

A few more articles on the subject for everyone to check out:


I like those articles @J5Alive :blush: