ETN 24 Hr trading volume

Did any one notice that the 24Hr volume of less than 150k that transacted today is the lowest so far in the entire ETN history ?


Not to mention there have been reports (I apologize for lack of references) on exchanges faking trade volume numbers.
On the up side, very low volume at this value is a good thing, because it is fairly indicative that this is not a widely accepted price point.

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Bitcoin is also weary low in trading volume

The market in general seems fairly low currently I think it will soon go up again In volume throughout the week

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I think it is the weeken thing :slight_smile:

That also @B.F.A bitcoin been kinda sideways this weekend didn’t do much special :thinking:

@PHXInvestors the sideways trading is it good when volume drops?

It depends because if a lot of people start selling then all in a sudden price drops however if people start buying price rises a side way is kinda risky because it could go both ways however in my indicator on bitcoin it showed a green dot Meaning that we are slowly turning into a bullish trend however that always could change ofcourse:

My best guess is 6400 before it turns up. we have higher low and lower low. in 4 hours time.

My estimate

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Yeah something like that could be right :thinking:

Well I am a newbie to ETN and brought 100k today. So more volume coming to market. New people and new fiat money means more liquidity. Still early days tho but transitioning ATM to next level with all the deliverables lately. So much more to come!!!


@Storm you made a great choice :+1:

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@Storm Welcome to the family!