ETN 18.00 per coin?

Had a dream last night ETN shot up to 18.00 per coin! Got woken up from all the excitement. Anyone else suffering from this kind of condition?

I’ve seen other people talking about having similar dreams.


Did you happen to look in the mirror in your dream to see how old you were? ;p


•During most stages of sleep, the thalamus becomes quiet, letting you tune out the external world. But during REM sleep, the thalamus is active, sending the cortex images, sounds, and other sensations that fill our dreams. Dreams are wonderful extensions of our emotion state? That what fills your day will fill your dreams! a46d780ca9c84529fd78 Next dream, aim higher I love a round figure, $100? :wink:


18.00 paisa or 18.00 rupees???

18.00 pence or 18.00 GBP???

18.00 cents or 18.00 USD???

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