Ethereum World News Article

ETN’s awesome run in the press continues! Our recent burst of activity was covered by Ethereum World News in a piece which also identified our potential for future growth.

Check it out here:

What do you think’s the main factor behind recent interest in ETN? Our instant payment beta-test? An increasing number of people who are interested in cryptocurrency? Or is it something else? Tell us below…

I believe it is a wide variety of reasons and different reasons to different people.

  1. Assisting the Unbanked: This will gain and spread like wild fire for those in countries where banking is not as stable or more difficult to get too and maybe too costly, or just downright dangerous.

  2. Excellent Team with Clear Vision: Being involved right from the I.C.O. stage I know they take their time to get it right. They are transparent, vision driven, and work very hard to stay on track. Richard is indeed brilliant, but his team supporting him will soon enter the legendary status for what they have accomplished in such a short time.

  3. Media Attention: ETN is now getting a lot more attention in many different media arenas. This is awesome as it gets the name out to hundreds of millions of more people, and will accelerate mass adoption for us!

  4. Cell Phone Contracts: reaching a lot of people quickly to be successful with mass adoption can have many paths. Using the mobile industry to accomplish this is simply brilliant. Everyone that has phones now has the ability to earn ETN, it’s that simple!

  5. The Community: We are all a very enthusiastic bunch and from support of people like @m-kid and his crazy crew to the guy or gal that can only invest a few dollars at a time. Regardless of where we may hail from in the world we all share one thing in common. THE ETN VISION! ETN is destined to go somewhere because we are all working together in our own ways and arena’s of influence to send it in to the stratosphere on it’s journey to mega stardom!!!

Other Points to Ponder:

A. Continue spreading the word as this will give us huge inroads to accelerating mass adoption!

B. Upgrade our knowledge of what we are doing within the cryptocurrency space (I am learning chart reading for example) some people are teaching classes, showing people how to use the ETN app etc! So when you take hundreds of thousands of people actively sharing, teaching, helping and fostering community, that will foster success!

C. Shared Vision: With all of us staying focused on our shared vision we will be successful simply because it’s a numbers game. As more people come into cryptocurrency space they will be met by more and more people sharing the ETN experience with them. That has me excited and really working hard to stay dedicated to the cause.

Regardless of how much any of us make or lose, being on a winning team is a great feeling and I am very proud to be part of this ETN community!!!