End of Year Update 2018


Hi to all new users here. I wish you the best time spent with the family around you now during the Christmas time. If you missed we are live too at HITBTC and at LIQUID with euro and at SISTEMKOIN with USD and we have too new fiat pairings at South African exchange artis turba. So it’s good to watch our social media to do not miss the information. Stay in touch with electroneum and keep supporting us till the end of the journey. Mr Crypto CZ. Join me at Twitter and we can create really strong ETN army. Don’t forget together we are unstoppable and really strong. We are Electronians! We beat all. We are 3 arrows we work together. :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Just a quick thought further to my comment above:

Will you be putting out please at least an abbreviated version of the above on Blockfolio Signal?
I think that would be great!


Nice write up and enjoyable & interesting read…

Hope the team enjoy the last of their holiday season and come back to the project refreshed, revitalised and with renewed vigor for the best coin & community in the crypto currency space.


Great things are coming !!!
Happy new year to all


Happy New Year Electroneum Bazaar :tada::tada::beers:


Happy New Year everyone! :))


Fantastic update. Thank you ETN team, as a OG hodler, I look forward to the next years to come. :grin::handshake::v:


Great job etn team!! So happy to be a part of this exciting project. Been hodling strong since the ico. Love u team and fellow electroneums. HAPPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!:purple_heart::money_mouth_face: