Enabling Recurring Donations

Hi all,

I know that there have already been some talks around donations here in the community, but I’d like to suggest something based on my personal experience.

The animal shelter from my home town in Brazil has been through a very hard time and can barely keep operations going due to the lack of funding. It’s pretty sad as they do an amazing job for our community. So, I have been trying to help and decided to introduce them Electroneum.

Once they are all set up, they will start promoting ETN and their donation address all over the place.
And how will they convert the donations back to FIAT? You may ask.
Simple! They will be selling Phone Top-Ups :slight_smile: :tada:

I believe Electroneum has the potential to be a very powerful platform for Donations. Everybody has a cause worth helping and I personally would love to be able to set up recurring donations in my Electroneum App.

The idea is to assign one or more addresses to receive a percentage of the mining rewards.

Let’s take the animal shelter example, people wanting to make donations will assign their address to receive, let’s say, 50% of the mining rewards. So, on every payout, 50 ETN would be automatically transferred from the donor’s account to the shelter’s address.

Imagine the level of adoption if NGOs started receiving ETN donations? :boom:

Come on lads, that’s a pretty simple feature that could lead to incredible results.

Love the idea!! An it sound like easy to implement.

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