Electroneun in European Countrys?

How can we help adapt Electroneun in European Countrys?

I’m Portuguese, I actually end up knowing about the coin by searching about mining on smartphone.
I think Electroneum is not being correctly advertised and also is not aproaching good european partners.

For this post I would like to help in my country. What can I Do? Sugestions?

Welcome to the community nearly 3million strong and no better way to promote then word of mouth.

There will be an app update this week yet or next week and will allow for on boarding in 60 seconds or less. In addition to on boarding you get ETN during the on boarding process. ETN is the future of crypto KYC compliant and can be used in many way already in the early stages of its existence. ETN is working out all the kinks then you will see the genius at work in marketing and that would be our fearless leader Richard Ells.

Enjoy and again welcome.


Welcome i am glad to see you. I am from Norway so same continent :slight_smile: Electroneum is awesome and you are lucky to be on board. I Think advertisement of Electroneum (ETN) is not a job for ETN, I think the clients that profit of ETN should do the adverts, so i guessing that with EU partners ETN will be well known outside of crypto space. We as a community can talk to people face to face or thru sociale media like Twitter. Happy days :slight_smile:


An idea for those that are in the market to buy some ETN would be to approach local businesses and offer to buy any ETN from them that they might accept. Sure you could go the normal route and buy from an exchange, but that works within the relatively closed loop of crypto investors. Buying from retailers could help promote a use case and adoption. Ultimately since ETN is a mass adoption project this is what is needed. In fact any of us could do this. Many hands can make light work of this.
I know a restaurant near me. I’ve talked to the owner about crypto. To him it is all mumbo jumbo nonsense. All this being said if I offered him to buy etn from him for what he paid for it, OR the price on the day I come to pick it up, I think he’d go for it. For a long term HODLer the fluctuation is not a big deal and the extra we paid would pay off in terms of faster adoption. If i am not mistaken this is pretty close to what some locals are already doing in Uganda.


I know the coin is not worth in EU market because of the value. I’m starting a collectable caps.

I Might put my brand to sell the caps with ETN