Electroneum's Firsts


A year in review: A series of world firsts for Electroneum and cryptocurrency

Whilst 2018 has remained bearish throughout, it’s been an important year of preparation for regulators and big business.

Real mass adoption is possible with credibility and acceptance, both of which we have made large forward strides on this year.

KYC and AML compliance is just one example of the many new initiatives we launched in 2018, getting us closer to mass adoption by giving governments of the world a cryptocurrency they can embrace without fear.

Below we have recapped some our ‘world first’ achievements since our launch just over a year ago, some of which have enabled us to become the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history!

  • 1st to attract over 100k people to an ICO
  • 1st to join GSMA
  • 1st to exhibit at Mobile World Congress
  • 1st to agree partnerships with mobile operators
  • 1st to create long-term financial benefits to aid the unbanked
  • 1st to launch instant payment for cryptocurrency (and patent it)
  • 1st to give easy access for instant payments via API for vendors with multiple plugins
  • 1st to allow anyone with a smartphone to become a vendor
  • 1st to simplify blockchain for users, vendors and corporates
  • 1st to build and launch a full ecosystem for mainstream users
  • 1st to implement KYC

Following the recent G20 summit, where they stated that regulation is coming, there have been a number of other cryptocurrencies announce an intention to implement KYC. The future of our industry lies in our ability to grow real everyday usage. Electroneum is delivering that future right now.

Measuring Github, Reddit and Telegram does little to reveal signs of mass adoption - their figures measure the 1% already in the market, not the 99% that will deliver real success. Electroneum is ranked in the Top 5 online and on Facebook. More importantly Alexa ranks us in the number one spot in the entire cryptocurrency market for user engagement.

As we move into 2019, there will be many more world firsts from Electroneum. We look forward to an exciting year of announcements and growth! :grinning:

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First comment on this post :wink: Thank you for writing this is it is great to look back and see how Electroneum is paving the way to reach mass adoption. I believe we will see many firsts for Electroneum :zap:

I can’t wait to see the size and impact of our community in 2019 :zap:


I am so grateful for the job the ETN team is doing, and a happy new year to all


Richard and all at Electroneum we have faith. Already I love Electroneum, the app, the community and the product it has already.
You are making the correct moves and being 1st to the market is one thing, but doing it correctly and positively is why we all Love ETN.
Cannot wait for 2019. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated :smiley:


Let me be the first to wish @ETNCEO a very happy New Year! Blessings to you and the entire ETN team in 2019.


Electroneum is in such prime position to break through that wall of commercial regulatory fear and negative public perception.

I suspect 2019 will see just as many 1sts (if not more), as the project pushes out into mainstream markets and realises its potential through adoption.

Exciting year ahead.


I completely agree @BegaMutex it will be great to see the penetration into the mainstream regulated ecosystem and the pace to mass adoption pick up :zap:


I’m from ico, I followed the highs and lows of this coin, comparing it with the rest of the crypto I’ve never seen a team so performing, guys I wish you all the best and that your project can reach much higher peaks, we wait with anxiety the MWC 2019 to see this booth never seen before and these 2 secret projects. Of one thing I am convinced that the ETN train is still stationary and is filling its strategic Partership wagons and just the partrity train with the real use case, then it will no longer be able to stop. Congratulations to the team and Happy New Year.


A long list of achievements that will propel us forward in 2019 , happy new year to you and your team :1st_place_medal::rocket::beers:


This is so true, I’m more concern about the instant payment it’s just simple and real


Well I won’t be the last so let me take the second position to wish @ETNCEO happy new year


Thank you Richard and a very happy new year to you, your family and the team!!
I personally CANNOT WAIT for 2019 and what it brings for ETN!!!
2019 is Electroneum’s year!


So many firsts!! Richard, Chris and the Electroneum team have absolutely smashed it this year and It won’t be long now til the rest of the crypto space and wider world hear of all these achievements and the exciting developments to come. I’ve been here from the ICO and love this community forum and all the brilliant people offering support and positivity. I hope you all have a fantastic new year! Keep up the fantastic work everyone. 2019 is our year!


Cant wait to be 1st with CLOUD MINING and 1st to have official Apps on andriod and IOS!!! Only thing I love more than ETN is the man running it, thank you Sir Richard Ells!!!


No 1 in cryptocurrencies world yeah baby this is ETN, This is the Glory Happy New Year for all community Member and Team



I think we need to look at the state of the global economy to give some insights into how crypto will move to adoption. For those who operate on the dark net you will know that the likelihood that Trump will crash the Fed either this year or next is very high. If and when this happens crypto will explode in uptake as well as resource backed exchange systems such as gold and silver. With KYC already up and running and increasingly easier ways to purchase ETN this crypto has a very good position to be a top contender in the crypto space. Looking forward to a bright future with ETN and big changes to our planets paradigm coming soon.


Congrats to the team and supporters. We look forward to a truely exciting 2019!!! Happy New Year!!!


Congratulations @ETNCEO, @chris.gorman, and the entire Electroneum team on a very successful 2018. You are true trailblazers, and we all stand with you in the vision and future of Electroneum. Cheers to 2019 and beyond!


Hi mr Ells. Hope soon Electroneum will be able to become mainstream in Italy too. Hope you will start some partnerships with some italian mobile companies, because here we have some fertile fields to be sown. We have “3” that is a strong company dedicated to workers and Wind, another big company that probably could be interested to ETN project. Hope i can listen etn name in italian mobile operators soon. I want to wish you a nice 2019 and remember that we can improve day by day all aspects of Electroneum. Ad Maiora my friends.