Electroneum's cloud mining - how does it work?

I’ve been recommended to use electroneum’s cloud mining system by my friend. As soon as i logged in, I didn’t completely believe its mechanism to give free money to its users just as simply as that, so I looked at the Q&A’s on the application, but they were preety brief and therefore did not give me an understanding of how exactly the application works and why I should believe its simplicity.
I thought about this for a while and I came up with a conclusion that the app could give me free money, but it needs to have some sort of a benefit from me as well.
What do I do when I’m cloud mining, am I using the processor or anything else that I use to benefit both the company and myself?

The free coins given to you are in good faith that you will spread the word to others. ETN is after a big user base or mass adoption. The more people that have ETN in their wallets, the more the ecosystem they are building can flourish.

In some countries, (currently just South Africa but soon to be 20 others by end of the year) you can use the free coins to top up your cell phone and buy goods from local vendors.

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The App goes from ‘too good to be true’ to ‘too good to be ignored’! Spread the word and welcome to Electroneum :grin:


This recent update video from our CEO gives a nice simple explanation to your questions.

You can watch the other videos on the ETN Youtube channel and also look for interviews done by All About Tech and Crypto Rich which have some good content in them regarding the plans ETN has down the road.

ETN is basically developing a better digital payments solution that allows anyone nearly anywhere to participate in the global economy via borderless digital payments with very low transaction fees, while complying with KYC/AML regulations.

They are also launching a freelance worker gig economy site where workers can earn ETN in exchange for doing freelance work.

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