Electroneum xmas party

with Xmas fast approaching and electroneum achieving some absolutely fantastic things this year how about a xmas party this year.
The venue could perhaps be held in a London Hotel. This would be ideal for our overseas forum members as Heathrow and Gatwick airports are only a stones throw away.
It would be marvellous for us all to meet up and get to meet the team too along with our founding father Richard ells.

Hey, in a normal year I would consider attending. In a pandemic year I think the idea is bonkers. This seems to be something that might have to wait.


Great idea but i have.to agree with uncleDen

Better next year!

The corronavirus might all be over by Xmas though.

The corronavirus might all be over by Xmas though.

Unfortunately that’s not possible.

Back to OP, great idea, but as others have pointed out, not feasible this year. Perhaps 2021 can see something happen :+1:

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