Electroneum will go live in Artis Turba Exchange


Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Great we can have easily mass adoption in the south Africa and then the whole Africa. We only need some promotion there. And too vendors will join when they see potential :slight_smile:


Yes its a joyous occaision getting listed on any new exchange.
Especially so when it is a target market(country).
@Emmanuel is starting a youtube channel so thats a great start with the new exchange online.
Good luck Emmanuel!


Yes, I must talk about it


By the way that was a nice gesture that you give 500 ETN of your Christmas win to another person/s
Good man.
:heart: The gift that gives on giving …Electroneum! :heart:


He’s actually my course mate at college, haven’t sent it cos he can’t find his public wallet address do when I get back to college on Monday will do that


We have no need for proof.
It was the gesture or idea that I was impressed with.
Youre a winner.


So by Monday I will help him with the 500 and encourage friends to register and be mining