Electroneum will be number 1 due to first mover advantage!

This news only shows how much of a genius Richard Ells is by being a trailblazer and pioneer not a follower!

cryptocurrencies need stronger regulations, says global financial watchdog, On Friday, October 19, the Financial Action Task Force [FATF] stated that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] need to come under fixed laws and regulations to prevent misuse.

the watch dog has stated “We’ve made clear today that every jurisdiction must establish virtual currency rules and it’s no longer optional.” BOOOOOOOOOM !!!

ELECTRONEUM ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME ! By the time everyone else follows Electroneums Lead and on boards KYC/AML we would have gotten the mega partnerships that the rest of crypto projects craved !!

The rest of the crypto market will be smelling the fumes of our rocket fuel

Hold on tight fellas, we’re heading for a riiiide!


That we are, get strapped in


The countdown is already started … :rocket: X100…X150…x200…:star_struck: and 1$ I’m A Free Man.

Who is going to quit his miserable job like me when get proper amount of $ and at last feel really liberated ?


I agree, Electroneum is on it’s own path and not following what all the other cryptos are doing. I still firmly believe it’ll be the first mass adopted coin out of all of them. Richard I feel will be seen as the guy who got crypto mainstream. We’re on the cusp of seeing ETN enter a new phase of growth and I for one am really excited about Electroneums future. :rocket:


You know what I personally think about Richard, he is guy who knows how to react in any given time to be successful and does not matter what has to be done, he is going to do it without any hesitation and despite contrary opinions, that is why I know we are in good hands, as he will handle all issues so the project have to win !


Very well said @MinerETN and I agree on that as well. He’s had to make some unpopular tough calls a few times and they in my opinion have been the right calls each time. Looking at his choice to going back to allowing ASICS was a wise choice to have made long term. Instead of continually having to combat them with new constant updates he embraced more advanced mining technology.

A businessman who can make those tough calls for the betterment of the company long term and not bend to current popular opinion is someone you want in charge. Also he’s a very professional guy who’s really good with people and makes it a point to talk directly with the community. It’s obvious he has a lot of passion for this project and truly want’s it to be a huge success in addition to valuing all of us and our input.


you nailed it bro…im a big investor in ETN and belive electroneum will be massive …imagine etn bringing out a credit debt card linked to all things electroneum and you can buy etn from the same card(direct)with way less fees then any stupid bank…game changer bro…

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Yh we are ahead, I’m amazed to see why some people are complaining about kyc…


Thank you and I agree, I think it’s going to get much bigger than most people think it will actually. In my opinion with it’s use case it will overtake Bitcoin as the #1 coin pretty easily once things come to fruition. I’d love to see an ETN debit card although I gotta say the instant payment system is quite amazing. I think Richard has A LOT in the pipeline we aren’t all even aware of yet.

KYC doesn’t bother me at all, it’s totally necessary for Electroneum to reach it’s goals. Whether people like it or not things like KYC are an everyday part of life, I’ve had to do it several times in my life to utilize services I want to use.

It is understandable, they don’t want anyone to know their details. At one point, if the governments ask ETN team for them, they would have no other choice but to provide them.
But if this is the only way for mass adoption, so be it. :slight_smile:

You do bring up a good valid point actually @eFiJy about people not wanting their details exposed. I do get that side of it too despite my comment above. That said it’s true that it’s necessary for mass adoption, but I try to always take the positives out of things and of course in this case it being Electroneum bringing crypto to the mainstream which I think will benefit the crypto world as a whole.

Yes, we have to learn to get over this. We are already over controlled by the governments, why not have the chance to ensure our future through ETN’s success, and at the same time pay them taxes, just to get them off our backs.
I know, in a perfect world, the cryptos could have given us the ultimate freedom, the power to the people.
But as long as governments exist, they won’t ever accept that.
They won’t be able to completely ban them, as people would find an alternative way of acquiring them anyway. But they would do whatever it takes to block us as much as possible, unless they take their cut too.
Greedy bastards!

Hopefully we all turn into millionaires or billionaires thanks to ETN and won’t be bothered that much. :slight_smile:


agree bro… anyway you look at it… etn is goin to take the world by storm…it truly will be amazing…

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yer I can handle paying 25% tax on 2 million bucks …