Electroneum WhatsApp group invitation

Hello everyone. An UNOFFICIAL Electroneum WhatsApp group has been created by me. So people are invited to join the group and help us spread our ETN community. Here is the group link below:

please note, no community run group is verified by admins.

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But I asked him. Told to create a thread so I did☺

Call me Paranoid, but this increases the risk of bad actors taking your coins and potentially getting access to your crypto exchange accounts.

I believe whatsapp reveals your mobile telephone number to everyone in the group. Your mobile phone network (Vodafone, O2 etc) is also accessible because each provider has a sequence of numbers (first few digits) and thus you are at risk of a Sim Swap attack. Be very cautious!!! I wont be using this despite (im sure) your good intentions it is like telling everyone where the key is to your crypto safe.


You are not paranoid at all here. I run screaming away from any whatsapp group no matter how well intentioned for exactly this reason.


Thank you @dibakardas

I appreciate the initiative I really do, but I am wondering why to create another group on a different platform (WhatsApp) when we already have the beautiful Electroneum Community site right here. Not to mention, there are so many other groups on Telegram.



Yes, community.electroneum.com bring everyone here! Party 24/7, 365 ! :partying_face:

I like the idea of other group platforms, but I also love the idea of expanding our official community section.

The Electroneum community is the main community discussion platform but still someone may also discuss many other topics regarding Electroneum, its price may other things and discuss them In a chatting platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord etc. The official Telegram group is for the maim discussion group but apart from there some other can also be have. So in order to discuss every topic related to ETN, I have created the group :slight_smile:
I hope ETN admins will also join and support