Electroneum - Weekly Chart 09/20


Here is the Heikin Ashi Weekly chart for ETN as of 09/20. The chart speaks for itself. For the very first time since March 2018 (I believe this should be the case since Jan and Kucoin has info only since March), we have a Green candle. Seems to be a sign of trend reversal ??

Chart experts please validate if this is right. Thank You!!

I’m not a chart expert, but seems to me the spike was due to volume because of latest announcements from Ells. Same thing happened with XRP a few days ago.

I do think we will see a big reversal for ETN in the coming weeks :thinking:

Volume is dropping again so everything can happen. In this thread you can follow and participate in TA.

I hope the price crash a few hours october 1 because i got paid then and want to buy some more ETN :slight_smile:


ETN has done way too higher than what we anticipated. A revised chart is needed considering the new base is now at 300 sat :slight_smile: