Electroneum website's news are old

For starters I’ll go to the main topic: The news in the Electroneum website are from June and there has happened a lot after that. For example this forum launched, instant payments came live, YOTI/KYC news and so on. Someone that is interested in ETN might think that the team has not done anything after June and come to conclusions after checking the website. Just wanted to get that first out of the way in case anyone from ETN team was reading this (you know what to do).

Secondly, I am new to this forum and found it that it could be easier to get here. I think there should be a “Electroneum forums” -button in the Electroneum website . At least that is where my first intuition was to look for the forum after I heard about it’s existence.
The ETN team is doing great job with the instant payment system (seems to be working well) and the vendor API. Also the video updates have been great and of course this forum is looking amazing. They are probably also working on many things behind the scenes that we don’t even know about. But I hope they got the time to fix these few things in near future.

that’s true - remember it’s a soft launch, not a full on launch yet - that might be why they’re holding off.


Yeah, i was thinking that too. But after so much time between now and the latest news in the website, I think they should get something there. Maybe the HitBTC listing going live could be a great topic to write news about there if it is finally happening now.

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I agree @Kahvia a couple days ago i was searching a news Article on the main website but couldn’t find it because it wasn’t really updated there yet so i couldn’t find it i do think they should update more on there for new people that come to the website to see the news or to find information and i agree a button to go to the forum fast would be really nice also but i am not to worried about it i know for sure those things are all on the ETN Teams mind but they are super busy with all the releases they are currently busy with :wink:

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Now they have more recent news and the Forum button! Well done ETN team :v: