Electroneum website redesign appreciation

Lets talk about the new design.

It looks fresh, informative and very inviting. It gives off the feeling that Electroneum is designed to be accessible for all very well I think.

I’m very impressed and can see they’ve taken great care to bring across their message and sense of crypto community ‘for the masses’ very effectively.

The use cases & key points they are conveying are done very well. The information on each section is clear, to the point and easy to digest.

The fact that they haven’t just stuck in loads of business stock related images give it a more relatable and personal feel.

Yes agree. Key parts are being put in place for MWC and beyond. My favourite part was…

"Top up your mobile airtime and data directly with ETN."


Agree. It does a great job of covering all the bases. :+1:


I love it , very fast , great information on it
Looks very well thought out.

They definitely stepped it up . Looks professional and smooth.

Love it…

Well done team… Well done.

Now impress the hell out of us in Barcelona…


In combination with everything on the site,

I particulaly like,

'We’re more than an App. More than a cryptocurrency

It helps us and potential newcomers realise that Electroneum is offering something so much more complete than just another crypto, something that is more accesible to the average person.

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its great!! the website is Bold, exciting and it invites people to learn more, I must say they have done a wonderful job making crypto very easy to understand!! my only criticism… and I am being very critical, is the cheap picture of the phone. Apart from that it is a great website. Also enjoyed reading up on some of the new team members. Great stuff team!

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I personally love this new design it’s perfectly match the basic idea of Electroneum.


Yes I agree.
They really know their choice of words.
You know what though, words and videos and
Nice sharp edges , , contrast colour schemes…etc.
All mighty fine.
A lot of people advertise like that.

Nobody has the ability to actually carry it through like Electroneum IS doing…
Theyre doing it very well.
Every detail in the glossy new website is even more
Glossy in real life.
Go hard Electroneum!

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