Electroneum Website Needs Update!

Hi all, i feel Electroneum Website needs update… especially the news sections…This considering new user will browse on the official website to get info before making decision on registering

The news section was last updated on June29…there are many development and news subsequent to that which was updated in social medias but not in the website news sections…for example:

  1. Etn academy
  2. New community forum
  3. Listing in new exchanges

I think electronum is good projects
Let’s give our vote for ETN

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ETNbot display help.

We should get that 16 page document up there! We still have people getting misdirected to the old whitepaper too when they go searching for it.

@Sgkumar thanks for this. It’s important to add that the ETN Academy have no association with Electroneum as a company. We already have a website on our roadmap in the coming months.

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Agreed. The roadmap hasn’t been updated since June and we are in Q4 now.etn2