Electroneum-wallet-cli Internal transfers can only view output transactions

The usage scenarios are as follows:

The transaction is conducted using Wallet JSON RPC method for transfer, and the transaction information is as follows
“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“method”: “transfer”,
“params”: {
“get_tx_key”: true,
"get_tx_hex ": true,
“destinations”: [
“address”: “xxxxx”,
“amount”: 40
"payment_id ": “xxx”,

The address parameter values to be transferred is also the wallet address of the current output transaction,This is similar to the transfer of money between different paymen_id inside a wallet

But through the electroneum-wallet-cli show_transfers command, you can find out transactions but not in transactions?

For transfers between different paymen_id within a wallet, the show_transfers command enables you to view both in and out transactions at the same time, What should I do?

Or there is the inability to use different paymentid to transfer money between each other inside the wallet

Important: payment id is used as user identity in wallet transaction

show_transfers typically should display all transactions, if blockchain has been restored transactions should still display but not addresses

different payment_ids should not effect display of transactions via show_transfers command

I don’t see a point why you would send Electroneum from an address to the same address, haven’t tried this yet. You don’t have to use payment id in many cases, its not always required. Payment ID in Electroneum Explained

payment_id or no payment_id show_transfers should show it

Be sure you have the latest client. Instructions can be found here if needed Electroneum CLI wallet guide with Remote Node method

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