Electroneum Voting Poll Thread Please Vote ! ⚡


I just sent invites to this topic (8 of)
Contacted a couple by PM that were not aware of the vote.

This is a major free advertising opportunity we need to broadcast.
People well beyond just this vote are seeing our work both as a Cryptocurrency and as a Community.
:heart: Electroneum :heart:


Just voted. Thanks for the reminder


Too easy.
Im out of invites now for 14 hours!
Chris Gorman is mustering the troops to arms!
Anyone you can think of to invite to the vote helps!


Yes I’m ever ready to give thumb up


Alright everyone we have another important vote! :facepunch:
Comment on their post and tell bittrex exchange why Electroneum should be added ! :zap::zap::zap:

@Mr.CryptoCZ can you get the retweets going :zap:


Just made a thread about this too.


Etn vs eca vote coming soon on Twitter !


:zap: Time to Win guys :zap:


Comment and email :+1::zap:


Posted this in other threads too but I saw you mention the email thought I’d share this too for people to let Bakkt know about ETN.


We also need to comment more on this tweet. All I see is XRP comments in there


I agree there is a ton of XRP, but now that the link is starting to spread around ETN should start showing up significantly more. I will be commenting soon, just making a bullet point image with things about ETN since the Twitter character limit is so small.

I also retweeted and pinned it to bring as many to it as possible although I only have 92 followers currently.


@Mr.CryptoCZ. we have another one. Bittrex just posted today they want to hear what USD market pairing we would like to see. :+1: I’m not seeing enough Electroneum posts let’s get everyone on it and let them hear the good word of Electroneum​:zap:


Another exchange asking what Coin they should add :+1:



2 click vote for Electroneum on dynx exchange


All voted up, Thanks for the Latest peoples!!


Bitpanda Twitter vote ! Fiat gateway platform asking what crypto to add, vote and share :+1:



Voted !!

Lets do this


My answer is here