Electroneum Voting Poll Thread Please Vote ! ⚡


This thread is for the purpose of any and all votes currently being held for Electroneum. Wether it be an exchange vote, Twitter poll, or any other voting options. Please post the link and vote! :+1::facepunch::zap:


Get your vote in xtl vs Etn :zap:


Can we have anyone list poll sites here of where polls are know to take place. I will do some research and see what I can find. @PrestoCrypto any ideas of where to find polls?


Yes if anyone knows of any poll going on currently for Electroneum please post here so we can all vote!


@Mr.CryptoCZ do you have links to polls ongoing or resource information so we can stay in the know, cheers!!!


it appears from my reserch that most of these polls are being doing by individuals and not intermediaries. This will make it more difficult to track what polls we should be invested in or even know about. This fries my nuggets we should have a better way to get the ETN word out via polls. hmmmm I am thinking on a solution…


Done! Done! and done again! Retweet ETN this time and vote.


Good work @Buckizard every single vote counts we are down 10% now and loosing more ground every minute this is an all hands on deck scenario lol.



Blockport Exchange Vote For Electroneum ! :zap::+1:


RASTO NEXO Exchange Vote !


Nice vote on prediction of Sats of ETN in January 2019


Here is the teams advice on Polls/Votes for Solutions. :sunglasses::+1:


Bank of England vote ! :+1:


List of important current votes posted by Chris Gorman if you haven’t voted or commented please do so :+1::zap:


Electroneum vs pundix :zap: vote and share !


voted thanks for posting @PrestoCrypto


I voted and left a comment earlier.
I ll leave another comment soon.
This one is going to be a real eye opener for a few other communities.
We are swinging some new investors our way.


It’s done :hugs::hugs::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Good stuff.
see whether we cant push 1000 votes this time!!