Electroneum Videos


Hello Everyone,
My name is Matthew Gray. My channel is 99CENTS.I make videos everyday and most of the time I am talking about Electroneum but I would like to hear what you like most about Electroneum. I will be reading all these comments and and making a video about what people like most. I think this will be really great because it will be the voice of the community in the video not just my own opinions.
Let me know down below and Thank You Electroneum Team for this forum. What a great idea and I think it will grow like wild fire. :slight_smile:


The enthusiasm of the ETN community.
Everyone is bringing their best. :hugs:


Im loving it for sure… We have a solid community and a great dev team… and Now a place where we can all gather and pass info around! :wink:


I’m loving this forum…!! :star_struck::star_struck:


Great forum and 99 cents continues to be an amazing leader in promoting the true Electroneum goal and vision :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thanks for the vote of confidence Dog!


Maybe we can see someone do a video about ETN listed with the internet of blockchain foundation, and people can start turning their interest to the web 3.0 and the potential it has to revolutionise the internet


Nice work on the videos 99cents keep up the good work :blush::+1:


Thank you. I will do my best


Glade to see you here! :slight_smile:


Nice YT content @99CENTS, thanks for that.


I really like all the positivity from the Electroneum community. I get the feeling that all involved are working towards the same goals and there’s lots of good things to come. I’m a big fan of your videos by the way @99CENTS👍


Ok…if you haven’t seen it, here it is the video about all these great comments.