Electroneum, The year that was


@RSKNOR Strap yourself down, it worked for me


:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:good job


Great job. Is there gonna be a flipbook pdf version to download?


@ImogenD Brilliant. I love comics still and like the style! really good!


Amazing artwork, great Job, this has to be made into a series of prints and framed at HQ somewhere with all the team sign it :wink:


@ImogenD you are supremely talented! Honestly, where do you find the time . . .


Great art. Never read many comics, but it’s reminding me of Sandman (Vertigo), and that is a compliment.


I :heartbeat: ETN I can’t wait for mass adoption it is going to be a grand event.


Who’s Marketing team did he pitch it to if there was no Electroneum at that point?


Awesome illustration skills @ImogenD


The story is sad but true. I definitely know that ETN team is listening to all of us even when it seems they are not.

The project and community is what Richard and team cares about and that is why I am a true fan for life.

Thanks for sharing and caring @ETNCEO @ImogenD


Happy Birthday ETN! and Thank you Team.


I absolutely love The Year That Was Comic. Thanks for putting it out there. You guys are doing incredible things and anyone with their eyes open could see was happening. ETN is revolutionary! That’s bound to be a threat.

Thank you for all the dedication. I’m sorry about all the flack you suffered. I was there with you from day 1 and fighting the outrageous FUD on Facebook. Can’t wait to see what the future holds! :zap::purple_heart::zap: