Electroneum, The year that was


@RSKNOR Strap yourself down, it worked for me


:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:good job


Great job. Is there gonna be a flipbook pdf version to download?


@ImogenD Brilliant. I love comics still and like the style! really good!


Amazing artwork, great Job, this has to be made into a series of prints and framed at HQ somewhere with all the team sign it :wink:


@ImogenD you are supremely talented! Honestly, where do you find the time . . .


Great art. Never read many comics, but it’s reminding me of Sandman (Vertigo), and that is a compliment.


I :heartbeat: ETN I can’t wait for mass adoption it is going to be a grand event.


Who’s Marketing team did he pitch it to if there was no Electroneum at that point?


Awesome illustration skills @ImogenD


The story is sad but true. I definitely know that ETN team is listening to all of us even when it seems they are not.

The project and community is what Richard and team cares about and that is why I am a true fan for life.

Thanks for sharing and caring @ETNCEO @ImogenD


Happy Birthday ETN! and Thank you Team.


I absolutely love The Year That Was Comic. Thanks for putting it out there. You guys are doing incredible things and anyone with their eyes open could see was happening. ETN is revolutionary! That’s bound to be a threat.

Thank you for all the dedication. I’m sorry about all the flack you suffered. I was there with you from day 1 and fighting the outrageous FUD on Facebook. Can’t wait to see what the future holds! :zap::purple_heart::zap:


Nice silhouette, Chris. Very mysterious!


Thanks for the new upload @ImogenD! I love the art in combination with the storyline. Especially because this story has the potential to end up in one or more big financial history books (including the art? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). Can’t wait for the next (fourth) chapter!


Cool read so far!!! :slight_smile:


Simply Brilliant with a capital “B”
Just :heart: your work…
Looking forward to future issues I hope?
Onwards and Upwards Electroneum!


There are times when we sit back and wonder what the world would be like if it was filled with the same excitement, the same magic like that which has been shown through the expressions in your art and the way your portraying the ETN journey. It’s a scary place and it’s an amazing place all at the same time.
I believe in ETN and I see a team who love a challenge, all the fudders trolling and all the trolls fudding is no obstacle for this lot.
Mistakes and problems are actually the best thing that could have happened to the Electroneum team, because this is how you grow and develop, this is what helps people to learn from each other and offer support. I think once ETN is all rolled out, we will all have a whole new perspective and understanding of what you can accomplish, and new challenges will seem so small in the future, nothing will stand in your way. Richard Ells, Chris Gorman, Imogen and the project team have developed something so special in this space, people who think otherwise won’t be a part of the big picture and will fade into the background. And if they refuse Imogen’ can always rub them out or call on me.


Lets go ETN! :blush: KUDOS to the team!


A great end of year message… the ETN god has spoken. I’m shaking with excitement after reading, I have never been so proud to be and feel part of this fantastic community.
We wish everyone in the team and the extended ETN community a safe and prosperous Christmas and new year… 2019 is going to be another history making year in world trading and financial empowerment. ETN is taking responsibility for the unbanked around the world.
I salute you.