Electroneum, The year that was


We’re celebrating our first anniversary by telling the #ETN story through our very own Graphic Novel!

Here’s the first part, which tells the story of how #Electroneum was born…

We’ll be asking you to tell your ETN story very soon…

Chapter two- Bothersome Bots

Chapter three- Down the Blockchain Rabbit hole

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!


Amazing art in this :slight_smile:


Incoming migraine :tired_face: is there any chance we can make it readable?


It was a fantastic year …
Looking forward for the years to come when we reach Mass Adoption :zap:

#Happy_Birthday_ETN :tada:


Was hoping for some breaking news/deal/announcement… :frowning_face:
Oh well congrats to ETN and all of us holders. Happy 1 year anniversary.


This is great guys!! Fantastic to see and read. Love it!
I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone else’s Electroneum stories! XD

Here is my story so far! :sunny:


I cant read any of this…


I love it, Team ETN! :star_struck:
It’s got a Christmas Story feel to it based on the Title and Cover Image lol. It’s nice!


If you click on the images you should be able to enlarge and read. We will have the graphic novel posted on other platforms in the days to come in addition to the Forum.


send etn free for users :)))


I am super impressed with your talent




I love it, can’t wait for the next chapter! Great illustrations!


Have changed the opacity so you guys can have a better read :wink:


Dear Imogend you are very talented human, you can easily open comics company but please stay with us :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Again I want say that etn is really one year old child who has huge perspective I love etn so much like my little brother


This is really cool it’s amazing :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome work <3 <3 <3


Loving it, keep it coming !!!


ImogeD visualizes and tells the story of ETN in a way that many of us can familiarize ourselves with. She opens the company up for us so that we can be part of the ETN family. We participate in the ups and downs, we fight the defeat and celebrate the victories. This has led us to be the leaders in our industry that are about to change the world. I am proud to be an ETN user and do what I can to help.


How do i read this without freaking out…