ELECTRONEUM ;The gateway to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies!

How do we collectively project Electroneum to gain mass adoption of the unbanked and underserved in the world?? @ETNCEO

We have not reached out enough, for instance, many in Nigeria don’t know about this opportunity @ETNCEO.

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Yes , that’s true. Cryptocurrencies does not look new to only Nigerians or Africa alone. It’s an innovation in the fintech industry, and as you know every innovation takes time to find its feet.

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Then what do you say about it’s position in Europe?


  • Waste-zero-time YouTube polite vid of someone using ETN, making the benefits totally obvious and satisfying, and showing how to sign up.
  • Do NOT waste even a second of the viewer’s time waiting for rubbish like logos, personal introductions, pleasantries, history. They will go away. Instead, just show the benefits being used and enjoyed, and where to go to sign up.
  • In Facebook it’s possible to keyword search for any topic, e.g. Africa, payment, “foreign exchange”
  • It lists hundreds of hits. You can then, at the page top, click GROUPS, to get a listing of relevant groups.
  • Some groups have hundreds or thousands of members.
  • Join groups, wait a day or so to be accepted. Then (politely, tactfully) post a VERY brief explanatory message about the benefit, plus the link to the video.
  • They can click that link, it sends them to the video. Those interested will sign up.

The video is a great idea, but no, I don’t think you want to count on facebook, especially having to search a topic, then navigate to a group page. Word of mouth is THE BEST. Why not put that video inside the mobile miner? Then anyone with the miner can see the video. If it’s your phone, then you show them the video, and be like, “…And I’m earning more on my phone right now as we speak.”

  • The prospective customers don’t have to navigate within Facebook - they are already in there with all their colleagoes in that group.
  • It’s only the marketer who needs to do their marketing searches and joining of the groups to paste in the link to the video that hundreds of members will see.
  • It’s totally effortless to the user.
  • The marketer doesn’t mind, because it reaches hundreds of people in a few seconds.
  • Think of the word-of-mouth from person to person, being magnified so easily into word-of-mouth from dozens or hundreds of persons to hundreds or thousands of their friends. =)
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Oh I see! Got it. If I was in that group, all I would think is, … ETN spam. That video would have to be really good, and even then, there’s the probability they could get kicked out for spamming faster than it took to join the group.

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future looking bright :sunglasses:

  • First, remember, the group is chosen for relevance to ETN, and are likely to have some interest. Tourism groups of various countries, and notable areas like Africa where money exchange is costly and unavailable to many,
  • Second, 'agreed about assuming spam - I had suggested being very polite and brief - a single sentence offering them the idea, a tiny bitly link they can ignore or instantly click to view a 30 sec. video.
  • Marketing is a probabilities thing like throwing out grain into a field. Some grows, some doesn’t.

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Great idea👍🏽 That will enlighten more people about all what cryptocurrency is about as long as Electroneum is concerned .

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