Electroneum telegram is banning people without any reason

When i found that app update which was scheduled in this week has been
postponed to next week i write tagging the youtube video link “again late”. You can take this as my mistake or as a truth, truth is always hard to accept.
When i joined etn telegram, members in etn chat was in three digits, invested a huge amount in ico,

This is what i get in return. Ban
Dear @richardells every single thing matters a lot

Your not the only one …

Its better here anyway

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The thing is that you have every right as a person to express your views, although if I found your news negative to my business then I (rightly or wrongly,) would dismiss them. It’s better to talk than to just ban though, that’s a shame.

This will affect etn growth

Indeed its a shame, This was not expected

Nah. You are misjudging the scope of the project. Do you think that the average person in our target market wastes data on Telegram? Doubt it. They are very happy paying for stuff with ETN. Wait for Gig Guru.


Moral of the story, don’t spend time in toxic places. Welcome to the lighter side. We take criticism here and roll with the punches. But we don’t do fud. It’s ‘off topic’ ok? :slight_smile:


Why not chat here personally they banned me but I know I’ve violated a rule.
Here’s better you can get track of your conversation,


I left the telegram chat a long time ago, probably like March 2018 or something because the place is pretty brutal in terms of the nonsense that folk come out with and the over zealous admins. The community forum has been a massive improvement. They’ve done you a favour! The real beating hearts of the Electroneum community are over here in the forum, so many fantastic people that truly care about the project here.

In terms of things being postponed, I understand it can be frustrating but If they have postponed it, it’ll be for quality control reason I’d imagine. I know how you feel though, when you’re passionate about the project and you look forward to x thing being released and it’s delayed it can be a bummer.


Nope…it will not. releasing the new app before it’s ready would have a negative impact. Releasing it when it’s ready to be released proper will help ETN grow faster.

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I agree, but do you think one should be banned

I dont think so seen as this is the community .

Telegram may have the largest user base but here is more a family .

Forget about it move on. Same information is here if not more.

Ive been banned from it for asking a question .

Not bothered .

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I don’t know, probably not, but from what I’ve seen the few times I’ve been over there, that place is pretty toxic and has a lot of negativity. …which breeds more negativity.

I know I sure as heck wouldn’t want to try to manage a group like that. I’ve never walked in the shoes of an ETN Telegram group Admin, so I’m not qualified to pass judgement.

I’m pretty sure I’d rule with an iron fist to be honest. I don’t put up with much silliness myself unless it’s mostly harmless humorous type of silliness.

I get that people get frustrated and emotions get involved when dealing with investments and timelines.

I just think the overall big picture is something that deserves some patience, understanding, and some compassion for those putting in the hard work to make things happen. They are people too ya know, life doesn’t just stand still so that they can press magic buttons.

Things that have never been done in the history of mankind and economically are being worked on by the ETN team. There is no easy path to take, no one has the map, it has never been done before The only way this gets done is through hard work, dedication, passion…trial and error and hurdles of all sorts to conquer along the way.

Cut the team some slack once in awhile. They always deliver eventually, when something is ready after putting in the required work.

No one can give exact time frames on programming something that has not been developed and tested yet.

You either believe that they put in the time and effort and are working hard on things, or you don’t.

There is no gray area.

I can’t even tell you how long it’s gonna take me to make a grilled cheese sandwich, just an estimate.


Telegram was awful when I last used it over a year ago and it sounds like it’s still awful. This forum has a much better calibre of ETN supporter.


When it comes to the Telegram chat, I can’t even even. It’s a bit too strict for my liking. There will always be people who need a good banning, no matter where you go, but it’s an echo chamber, and echo chambers never produce anything other than resentment and fanatics.


Maybe we should collectively leave the telegram group


Use an emoji instead



The telegram channel is indeed populated by spiteful cult-like children that resemble Scientologists.
Some poor soul asked about why suddenly the confirmations are taking so much longer.
I dared to answer him , making a point that due to electroneum’s price constantly sinking - ASIC owners are turning their machines off because it’s is extremely unprofitable to run them.
I turned off 25 Asics this week and the network is shrinking and will continue to shrink if this trend continues.
Bam…I was banned and kicked from the channel within seconds.

This looks really bad and it projects an extremely unpleasant image of both ETN and it’s “followers” to the outside world.

I wish the powers that be would clean house and regulate the official telegram channels.

I am still holding millions of ETN but I am truly beginning to have a bitter taste in my mouth after these events.


Why let your experience on telegram sour you. This community forum is THE OFFICIAL ETN community.

It was created so that places like Telegram would be irrelevant. Anything that is newsworthy there would have been known here first 99% of the time.


Please dont let telegram get to you.

As i have repeatedly said

Its better here like a ray of sunshine.

Just stick to the rules and all is good.

Nothing like telegram at all here its a family atmosphere and very friendly.

Welcome back and please enjoy your stay