Electroneum T shirt (Design)


can you post the results of your t shirt design for electroneum community :grinning:


@Anjay I like mine simple like this :joy:


Both sides just look so off. XD


The bolt has to be blue, keep it genuine :ok_hand:


Made it :grinning:


@cuddlesquid: that one in blue font and logo color. Print only on the front and you have a winner.


About 5 months ago I made a store at CafePress but never told anyone so I could see what a couple of designs would look like on a shirt.

I bought a couple stickers from myself for my truck and car. In June some guy flagged me down in a parking lot to ask where I got the mining sticker and I could not remember the URL.

Here is the main image I created if anyone wants to make something at home.