Electroneum Supply Day by Day

How much etn supply increased everyday or every 24hours ?

ETN comes into circulation either through conventional mining (GPUs, ASICs) or mobile mining.

Conventional mining

The current ETN block reward is around 10 644.73 ETN per block. A block is mined every 2 minutes on average. At 2 minutes per block, there should be around 720 blocks mined per day. 720 x 10 644.73 = 7,664,205.6 ETN per day.

This is just from conventional mining. And keep in mind that the block reward reduces slightly for each block mined, and will keep reducing indefinitely.

Mobile mining

Let’s stipulate that the mobile miner emits on average about 10 ETN per day per user. This is more-or-less what gets emitted today, although the algorithm is continually altered by the team. With around 130,000 active miners at any given time, this will mean that about 1.3 million ETN per day is mined on mobile. Add another 6% for referral earnings (5% for the referee and 1% for the referred) and you arive at 1,378,000 ETN per day.

This makes for a grand total of 9,042,205.6 ETN per day being introduced into circulation (although this can vary a lot on any given day).


Nice , thanks for making its easy to understand well

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Or you can use my excel and calculate or see the history values - now its about 55 milions of coins every week in history it was over 70 milions… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uIcx9lmegjZfbA1e5Vg6O-oEtR4erBtmOOhi02XNxbE/edit#gid=1531331036

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Nice Explanation @benjaminoo :+1:

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Actually, the pool of ETN for Mobile Mining was part of the premine, so they are already minted. Mobile mining does not increase the number of ETN already out there.

So in 1 year it will be around 1B …correct ?

Very true. All mobile miner coins were pre-mined in the first block.

I guess it comes down to how you define circulating coins. If you define them as all mined coins, then it means all mobile miner coins are already in circulation. If you define them as coins that are in the hands of the public and able to be spent/traded/transacted, then only the coins that have been emitted from the mobile miner are in circulation.

In my opinion, the second definition is more descriptive of real circulation supply. The pre-mined coins that have not been paid out via the mobile miner yet, all remain in wallets at ETN’s headquarters (or wherever they keep them). They are not traded or spent in any way, and therefore they are - for all intents and purposes - not in circulation.

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