Electroneum Sponsorship


Hey Guys,

I work for a mobile auto detail company and we are looking to use Electroneum as a reward for repeat business. For example, if a customer books “THE WORKS” priced at $325.00 they will receive 10 Electroneum for signing up for this service. This will provide and introduction to Crypto for new users in my demographic as well as encourage future usage in which to take advantage of special pricing. This perk will be offered to the first 1000 customers. This will encourage wallet sign up and usage of miner and other benefits of platform membership for the Electroneum family. With that said, this promotion will bring 1000 new “Electronians” to the Electroneum platform. Next, customers that choose to pay in Electroneum will receive “THE WORKS” package for $200.00 on any next visit. which can also be used as a gift which encourages new app download for payment by other party. This means that the customer will receive a $125 discount for purchasing $200 in ENT to facilitate what would normally be a $325.00 transaction. All of the 1000 new customers will have received 10 Electroneum for the purchase of package encouraging repeat usage. That said, I need from you, 10,000 coins, banners, logos, and any other assistance you can offer to help get this off the ground. I estimate that at current prices this will cost no more than $120.00 totaling 10,000 in Electroneum. Where as, our promotion encourages the customer to purchase over 18,000 ENT to facilitate the discounted price. If utilized by all 1000 participants that would mean over 18,000,000 ENT transacted with this promotion. With that said, the website is here for your review: http://5star.oprettedev.com/ I welcome your thoughts and consideration. We are looking to launch in about a week so please reachout ASAP it would be nice to make any changes while still in build stage.



Great idea for promoting both electroneum, and your offer as well. Might I suggest offering more of an incentive per sign up, like 50-100 etn. My reasoning would be, your “The works” product being over $300. Just a thought, cheers.


I’ve seen crypto coins advertised in a few Premier League grounds on the pitch-side digital advertising hoardings.

Might be a far reaching idea for ETN as Premier League reaches poorest people in particularly Africa & India, and also popular across US & Europe.

As an aside: I believe Harry Redknapp (previously a football manager) also bought in at ICO - he tweeted his excitement in a rare and obviously luddite tweet I remember seeing back then.