Electroneum Smart Chain Migration FAQ

Fatal: Unable to attach to remote etn-sc: no known transport for URL scheme “c”
How to attach to have a console to see my balance ?

Did you resolve the Unable to attach error?

I have all my coins on cli, and im ready to finally tackle migration to the new chain.
I dont want to use cli anymore, i want to migrate and use metamask.
But i dont know any of my keys. I just know my wallet password that i use when i used to log onto my cli.
Can someone please help guide me with the process. And what do i need to know to complete the process? The keys or something? And do i need to write down my new etn address to put into metamask? Im so worried and confused.
Thank you

If I start in one terminal:
etn-sc --http
then I can connect to it in another terminal by using:
etn-sc attach http://localhost:8545

and I get a console and it shows me my wallet when I give the command in the console:

then I can see my balance by using the command:
eth.getBalance(‘my wallet address’ )


Log into your legacy CLI wallet and there is a command to see your keys. Type help for list of commands.

Then you can bridge your wallet and use Metamask to take control of your new smartchain coins. Video linked above in FAQ shows step by step how to do this.

thank you bega. just a couple more questions and i think i will be good to go.
im going to update my cli to the newest version and then let it migrate for me.
i used to use remote node so i wouldnt have to mess with electroneummd and download the blockchain.

  1. can we still use a remote node option? if so can you please tell me the correct command, this is what i used to use: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=
  2. after migration im going to use chainlist and metamask, do i need to tell metamask what node to use? or does chainlist do that part of it for me?
    thank you

Yup, you can use one of the available RPCs as a remote node like Ankr. The video shows how to connect Metamask manually to a node :+1: Chainlist will help if you want to use that to configure instead.

Thank you bega for the reply. I dont think ankr is free to use, but i could be wrong.
So just to see if i understand it correctly. After i migrate. If i use chainlist then i don’t have to pick a node for metamask to connect to or anything. It will pick one automatically?
Sorry for all the questions.

Chainlist will enter the custom network for you.

Ankr is free to use :+1:

I downloaded the win64.tar and when i double click on the electroneumd. It starts and then throws a error and closes. Can someone help me and have any idea whats going on

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It looks like the data inside “C:\ProgramData\electroneum” may be corrupt or the program cannot read it. You may have to delete the folder “electroneum” and reload the blockchain data. It will take some time to download the data.


Thank you. Worked perfectly


Hey mj can I please dm you so i can ask more questions without hijacking this whole thread? Lol

Sure, you can.

Another wallet tested. (Desktop Chrome)

Coin98.com worked for send recieve added custom network zero problems on desktop but app wouldnt send out…

As always use at your own discretion, dyor etc etc.

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