Electroneum Shows Bullish Signs



A nicely put together article, realistic with our illustrious @xterest getting a good mention!


Damn, you are all over pahini, cant keep up with you :smile:


Nice !!!

Bullish sounds great , i am so sure we are going to fly soon…

Thanks for this share @Pahini



Its not much, although its always great to see those who work hard for this project getting a mention for it!


Exactly its nice to see @xterest getting a mention. Any bull is better than bear lol


Nice! I’m actually Latin Crypto lol but I never figured how to change my name in here…


sorry but as you do to see bullish signs if I always see it swing between 0.005 € 0.006 € is sa September 2018 that does not rise above 1 cent €. I hope you get up to the moon and make us dream really!


The team are flat out preparing this project for probably the biggest single public exhibition yet.
MWC Barcelona.
Be excited!!


Press the F logo top right , then press the cog …

that should take you to preferences where you can change user name , pic profile etc.

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Unfortunately it won’t let me change it…how do you read my name? Thanks. Suppose to say LatinCrypto.


@BegaMutex could you assist the user above please.


Youll have to be patient.
Someone will appear!
Plankton only just had his changed so theres hope we can get you “LatinCrypto”
Interesting, I searched LatinCrypto and you come up.
Its just not staying up.


Maybe try logging off then back on…

Might work