Electroneum Set for a MASSIVE 2019


Short 1-min vid in the link says it all.

Cheers to a MASSIVE 2019 for ETN :clinking_glasses:



watched it and its very inspiring and just shows what etn has accomplished in its first year , so the future is looking very very good for etn.



Niiice! Well done. I subscribed youtube of course.
Its a bit tickling too, its not to mutch info in one go, it makes new people want to read and search up i feel.:blush:


Very well done. Good job @MSystem! How the heck do you make videos like that?!


Experience and right tools,
And creativity. Your equipment doesnt matter if u cant use it right, is an old saying, isnt it?:blush:
Thought the other one was good too, but it was taken down.?