Electroneum Satoshis Vision

I am thinking of forking Electroneum into Electroneum Satoshis vision(Electroneum SV). What do you all think? LOL

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No~ XD No more power struggle currencies that have trust issues as well as new money creation issues. BCH should’ve already died… Just being honest here. =P Still crazy that someone like Roger actually has people that look up to him after much of the stuff he pulls. I deal with the same type of people in debates…and that gets quite old how dodgy and twisty they get. @~@


Might want to spellcheck your topic header.!


Thanks! This community is dope. Haha

You might explain that in your terms?
Ahha…ok .urban dictionary for the dinosaurs.
Dope = fully sick man, awesome, the best.
Youngsters these days !

The positive of forking is best technology wins over time (with one exception which I detail below). The negative (perhaps in the short run) is that you typically double the supply and make it worth less. Its not just about hash rate and the longest chain wins. I think BSV will lose in the short run and win in the long run. I know that BSV price is up atm.

ETN is more than crypto, it is a business model that mixes it with fintech company concepts. Its special with mobile network deals giving it strong competitive advantage. I hope it doesn’t ever fork on this basis. It will have to continue to improve technology over time. I also hope no inflationary adjustment is made in the future also.

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Even if they were to make adjustments for inflation, we’re at least ones who support the use of Bitcoin as a store of value and encourage holding the asset. It also will help people who don’t understand how money works exactly ask why anyone would hold BTC instead of ETN, and from there they could potentially learn how supply and demand works in markets. Would make for a better example that is easily more questionable to newbies than gold vs USD, because the differences aren’t as obvious when it comes to digital assets.

As long as we have at least one decentralized asset acting as a store of value, we should all be fine. :slight_smile: Hoping for BTC standard~