Electroneum "Revolution"

I need Electroneum community to share here what make Electroneum is revolution for crypto by your own opinion and well i’ll share mine too .

My opinion is based on KYC(Know Your Customers/Clients),Mobile Wallet,Instant Payment and Patent . Almost every tourists from China bring less cash when traveling because their using Alipay to make their payment by mobile apps . And in Malaysia their using Boost for payment . Both apps users keep growing even its digital money that same price as their nation currency . If Electroneum instant payment is successful , then ETN is the first cryptocurrency that broke another crypto’s wall in another level and above all other crypto coin . And we will see how ETN growing quickly and 10m users is easy . And i won’t be shocked if UK top payment is using Electroneum .
Another one is , almost every holder and investor will sell their coin for cash when price increased , its same like other coin Hodl and sell . For me ETN its Hodl and use rather than sell , if you hodl it for sell when its high then what usability of Instant payment ? let make everythng worth it . And KYC is very important for Electroneum , Big Company either Small Company won’t be partnership with anonymous client or investors , that’s why KYC is required to make more company/users will jump in to ETN .

now let share yours opinion XD

What got me into Electroneum was probably the most basic aspect of it which is the mobile app. Some would probably laugh at me siting there coins fancy tech and security which of course are important BUT…

Before I saw Electroneum I played around with a bunch of different coins and there wallets and I often found with alot of them they were confusing, clunky, took a long time to load or for example not having an official wallet. I would go onto the forum for said coin and everyone would be recommending different wallets. As someone who considers myself pretty competent with computers I found some of it annoying and alittle confusing. Knowing the average joe gives up after about a few minute of trying or just does not want to learn something new, It clicked with me that alot of people don’t care about all this other stuff they just want it to work.

So I installed the Electroneum app and after that to be honest I was sold, there was no other crypto I had used that felt this simple and easy to use I felt like almost anyone could use it. Then of course I found the mobile miner very interesting and the fact that Electroneum is hybrid of decentralized blockchain with a central server. To be this is still the most powerful part that its so easy to use and get some of the coin, we may not have the best tech which I know we don’t but sometimes simplicity can be overlooked :slight_smile:


I think that electroneum team make everything so easy that easier could not it be. I wish if they added into the app some functionality like have telegram or Viber or Skype or What’s up. Because they have our phone number and email. So we can make calls or send messages or photos or have video chat and pay with our ETN credit :wink: that would be great and we have on board over 1 million accounts… And maybe add some game inside the app (HODL rocket or fight the fud) or add link to this community forum to expand our numbers :wink:


I read through the ETN white paper and thought great project. Then I watched Richards first interview with crypto rich and I thought… ok… heres a guy that knows what he wants and how to get it. thats how I came to invest in ETN.