Electroneum Review: Introduction to ETN

That was a good article thanks for sharing :+1::wave:

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I posted it to demonstrate how misinformation can spread easily, it is clear very little effort was done to write this article, it is sad to say the least.

“Currently…it can only be bought from a handful of exchanges such as Cryptopia, KuCoin, Liquid, TradeOgre, CoinBene, and Cryptomate.”

“The average block reward is somewhere around 9,500 ETN and, thanks to the ASIC-resistant nature of the mining algorithm, it’s still feasible to mine coins with a basic CPU (or smartphone CPU).”

" there are a little above 9 million ETN in circulation."

It is laughable to be honest as this rag was published today. I remember back when investigative journalism had integrity… There are other points of contention but on the positive Hey at least they are reporting on ETN…maybe they’ll be accurate in their reports sometime too.

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I agree it is also full of spelling errors, I was playing along I thought someone else would chime in… For anyone who pays attention should be able to tell. There are a lot of these types of articles out there it really shows the importance on dyor. Most spot these types of articles right away but for those who are just finding out about Electroneum and trying to learn, I agree it is full of misinformation as you stated. It’s unfortunate the amount of articles out there like this.

To bad no one played along they could have learned the importance of dyor but perhaps everyone who read did notice, I’m not sure no one else commented… I like the strategy , enjoy your weekend yourself @MSystem keep up the good work.

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To me, the craziest part is that this is one of the most transparent projects out there so there, so there’s zero excuse to writing a bad article. Anyone reading from this forum for half an hour could create a decent article on Electroneum with zero misinformation.
It blows my mind that these keep coming up…


I find 80% of the articles are poorly researched and written.


I often wonder if 80 percent of articles are written by pump and dump groups.


The bitcoin news :slight_smile:

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I did, because here is nothing going on??? And I am bored :smiley:


I’m anticipating these coming updates, currently the team needs time to get things going and grow organically. Maybe we will get an update when Richard returns from his trips :thinking: Things must be pretty busy around the office :zap:

Yes. We are all waiting for results from the ground. I personalty would like another dip for day or two. Just found some fiat to exchange :smiley: And I also think that BTC will go again back to 3800.


Damn it… :slight_smile: