Electroneum proof of stake?

hello to everyone, since the reward has now been canceled, in phase 2, those who want ETN or work through anytask or get their credit card and buy in exchange. together with the proof of responsabily given to the various companies you could also think of the proof of stack ??? having various ethnic groups perhaps on LEDGER as Tron does, we can have a 6% annual revenue based on our portfolio. with 200.000etn 6% 12.000 ethn = 1000 ethn per month x 1 year. in my opinion many will rely on the LEDGER key with ETN stacking function. I would do it willingly to increase my portfolio every month and accumulate over the years. ETHEREUM 2.0 switches to this now and various tokens are already operational. if I’m wrong correct me but at least by eliminating Cloud mining people can accumulate even without anytask and credit card. passive income.

yeah I like proof of stake for sure but I think ETN team settled on inflation of 2% with the mining from the NGO’s . I don’t think changing to proof of stake is viable at this point. One of the things it does is cause people to horde rather than spend so there is a down side to it too. people in unbanked areas who don’t have many coins won’t get much from staking, it helps the rich get richer in many ways.

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