Electroneum Price Dips to 150 Satoshi Despite Major South African Partnership

very short sighted people.

ETN are actually working hard putting in the infrastructure slowly and diligently in the background to make ETN the smash success everyone wants. In the meantime most of crypto is filled with traders who don’t want steady progress, they want 10x now so they’ll pull their money and put it into binance token or something, whatever the current pump is.

I’m here for the vision and future growth of this amazing company which is why I’m not concerned about the price at all. Sure it’d be nice if I had bought my stack at these prices but there ya go :smiley:



ETN is like a growing tree. It just started breaking the ground with two small leaves only looking for the sunlight.
A strong community is planning for the future years when the tree will be 6m high, massively strong, almost deciding which hamac they will put on it.
But actually, the tree could be in danger and is still vulnerable.
Lack of communication, too much FUD, investors who lose faith, greed becoming greeder.

I think ETN team should communicate a bit more, be more clear about their roadmap and what they will do in a near future. How many countries they plan for 2019 ? 10 ? Only 1 ? If people saw that, a lot would be reassured.

The actual 150 sats in a TOP 100 where all others are green is the only reflect of that.
Don’t lose the initial investors by being too far in the future.

I strongly belive in ETN. I invested in the first week of ICO and havent sold any single coin so far. But still. Communication could be better.


Totally agree with your comments re: communication. For example it would have been good to have some closure to MWC with a proper vid (even if only 3 mins long), to hear from the Team, R or anyone about the experience, etc. Hard to understand why that didn’t happen and all we got was a GIF of the candy machine :joy: This way it almost feels like an unfinished job.

There’s a reason they don’t do that - do you remember when they would announce things and accounced dates slipped? It really wasn’t good. I think it’s a better plan to announce stuff as it’s done, up and running.

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A better scenario would be announcing things in a larger range (Q2, Q3, Q4), without specific dates.

But having the vision of what will be done is always better than not knowing at all.
It like driving on the highway without visibility. Painful and dangerous for everyone.


They were probably exhausted and wanted to close up shop.


Oh, it’s not like I can’t think of 10 possible reasons! But, still, the point is valid don’t you think? (But maybe I should write it up into a proper Topic…)

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Yes its valid. I am just pointing out what usually happens at these events given I have done a few my self. In any case they did do 5 or 6 videos.