Electroneum Price Continues to dip Despite Major Behind-the-Scenes Developments

This article features @chris.gorman
and our very own @Mr.CryptoCZ


electroneum wrong card played !!!

All this says to me is buy more. :+1:
(Not financial advice)

Price is STILL irrelevant at this stage. I like how they didn’t just talk bad about ETN, made some positive points instead. :+1: (As I’ve come to expect from NullTX )

Congrats on the shout out @Mr.CryptoCZ! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Have you read into what this project is achieving right now?
Have you studied the losses across the board on the biggest projects in the top 100 in the last 24 hours?
The aim is to build a user base and the user numbers are accelerating.
This project is a huge success.
Price is not the target.
Adoption is.


Your point regarding what?

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Well said @Plankton_ETN.

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Couldnt resist… thanks @Pahini