Electroneum ● price bounce imminent



Another good little article from nulltx.
A mighty shoutout to @Egg is within…
Thanks Egg!!
I dont mind their journalists.
More good FoMo for the insatiable Electroneum Appetite.
Bon Appetite !!


Brilliant article @Pahini thanks for the share , it’s nice to see some positive news rather than the fud .


The Best part of this article is seeing some of the people like @Egg who quietly maintain the spinal cord of Electroneum…There are so many others.
@MSystem may care to fill us in on the others.
Thanks Team Electroneum…you guys&gals fully rock!


Yeah @egg is amazing . Some of the stiff he posts are just crazy numbers letters etc and they made etn .

I understand what etns about but the coding side just … I have no idea at all and I used to build p.cs etc for fun … hahaha

Very clever people…


Always good to get any news that isn’t slating us. I have a feeling BTC will beak out end of February also which will help things along.


Do i feel some moon dust in my nose??


It could be …

It’s in the air most definitely…



They cant defer the SEC meeting again.
A decision must be reached within the (240 day ?) Time period.
Some sort of regulatory framework must be “laid on the table”
Trump appointed one o f the three Judges who is pro cryptocurrency…for good reason.
Good enough reason for @Tanwax to FoMo…again.!


Tanwax does like the fomo hahaha …


Yes, that is very interesting, for btc and all that lean on the gold. :money_mouth_face:.
@Tanwax cannot stand fomo… :smile:
Mornings btw :sleeping:.


Morning @JonneHex


Mornings magico, i have alot to do, but will be more on tonight.:blush:


What day is the 240th finish on!?


Isnt it end of february, hehe. What a timing…


This seems to me to all be coming together nicely at the correct time!! @JonneHex @Pahini


Yeah all near the end
24-27th is going to be heckers
Its like the world blames bakkt for deferring.
They had to.
Till the SEC
Gold @JonneHex?



That chart might look even more alike on 200.000$ :sunglasses::sunglasses:


That’s such a similar graph it’s uncanny! Every think I’ve read and seen show a break out of BTC and soon!


Every time weve had an SEC meeting coming up ,
Bitcoin jumped.
Except for the one just recently I think.
I think we expected it.