Electroneum Price Analysis as on 13th May 2019

cryptopia needs to get their new wallets up and running. No communication from cryptopia has a lot of people worried. This article doesn’t help. But I don’t care I will buy more ETN. The fundamentals haven’t changed! Our coin is run by a business man, we have customers, we have a real world use. When the testing is over and they knuckle down to fix all the problems they will have churned out an impeccable real world product! Hang in there guys.


[article] Conclusion-

“Staying out of the market is advised to the new potential buyers. Long term holding will profit the existing holders.”

This makes absolutely zero sense…

If now is the cheapest the coin is, even cheaper than ICO, then new-comers (buying at this low) will benefit from price increase before long term holders who bought at higher prices.

Honestly, where do they dig up the geniuses who write this utter drivel?

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