Electroneum popsocket


I wanted to make a popsocket https://www.popsockets.com/ with the Electroneum logo but it won’t work.
I tried using this one

They did not want to use the logo without permission when I contacted customer service, even just to make one for myself.
Please give them permission by contacting them. If a charity is needed I would like to nominate

They have a profit sharing/charity program.


The logo is free to use …

@MSystem ? Can you contact the team and ask please


Yeah but I’m pretty sure they need to hear that from someone like Chris or Richard. You can’t take chances with copyright as a company.


Dear Chris_T

The Team allows the use of the logo in support of the project, however Director Chris Gorman keeps track of who and what it is used for. The logos is not free to use without permission. Please explain in detail in what capacity you would like to use the logo, where, when and how, please be as specific as you can. I will then forward it to the team.



^That wasn’t clear enough?
I want to make a popsocket with the Electroneum symbol. Please if Chris could take a moment and write an email to them giving them permission to use the Electroneum symbol so I/we can make a popsocket with it.

If it is desired to give some of the profits from that merchandising to charity they have a program for that called Poptivism. https://www.popsockets.com/pages/what-is-poptivism

I would suggest the charity called water if that is the route he chooses.

Thank you.



Sorry @MSystem I thought it was my apologies thanks for the clarification , it was for @Aironeous