Electroneum Physical Coins

I was officially approved by the ETN team! Pre-Orders are now available!

I’m the owner and operator of physicalcryptocoins and I would like to make a physical coin for your project.

I have created official coins for Komodo, Pirate, Verus, Burst, Verge (in manufacturing now), and more. The unique thing about what i do is that I do not require funds from the project itself. After I design a coin and it is approved by the project team/community, I take pre-orders from the community. Once i get 20 coins pre-ordered, I send it to my manufacturer and it gets created. After that, I ship out the coins to all who pre-ordered and all people who order afterwards. Shipping is free worldwide, and the coin is listed on my store. I generally also add the project’s coin as a form of payment too.

If you would like references, you can talk to any project team I have created a coin for in their discord, you can check out my Twitter (@theinfamouskata) as well as look at my website. I have a preliminary design ready for your review as well.

It exists! These are some great coins!

Thanks. Looks good. What metal and what colors?
I have a collection of silver coins.

I saw that there has been one made before, not sure if that one was actually approved by the electroneum team though. Either way, I’m still wanting to create my version of it, I feel like I can make a better looking one than that.

Also, it’ll be consistent with every other typical physical coin made for other projects

It’s made of a zinc alloy with a mixture of silver. That will be the only version available unless there is a demand for more versions. You can check my website for one’s ive already done for other projects

What about the price?

During the Pre-order phase, it will be $13.50. after the coin is manufactured, it will be $15. Shipping is free worldwide.

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That seems a fairly reasonable price considering there was one available for 200, not sure if $. £ or € or what material/ metal, but pretty sure it was in that price range.

It was a proof $300 from https://therealcoincompany.com/
I have number 34


I’ll take a couple if they are proof and numbered.
Question: Are you willing to get into some of the more expensive and rare metals with proof and numbered and colored? Because if you do I’ll get that.

I noticed on coin side 2 there looks to be a typo - the upside down lettering reads

digital payment ec ystem

@Aironeous depending on the demand of the physical coin, I’ll make a more expensive one (I made a .999 silver version for PirateChain)

@Jo_Boo must have turned the layer for that letter off. I’ll fix it when I get home. Thanks for pointing it out!


How do you want us to officially declare interest and do you only make them if the Electroneum guys officially endorse it??

I would buy one for sure.

I am interested in getting 2 coins

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@M44FFW As long as a team member gives me the ok, whether it’s on here, through a PM, or any other medium, it’s fine with me.
I will only make them with their approval to do so, I like to claim that the coins I make are official, meaning I have the approval of the project team to make a coin for their project.


I am interested in getting 2 coins

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@MJ138 I’ll keep you posted if I make them

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Thanks. I’d be interested in one if it’s endorsed by the team :slight_smile:

Stick me down for one!