Electroneum Phone Number and Mining


Hi guys and gals.

Quick question.

I opened my Electroneum account a long time ago and used my mothers phone which is a dumb phone. (not a smart phone). I had just arrived home from living abroad and had no phone number.

I still don’t have a phone after I broke the screen of my Samsung on the bathroom floor… Yes I know… But it was the first phone I’ve ever broke. I have never lost my keys or wallet so I can forgive myself.

The issue is, as soon as the IOS app was released I gave my wallet info to my sister to mine on her iPhone. But I think my account has my mother dumb phone number attached.

Is that OK ? Can I change the phone number attached to my Electroneum account to my sister phone ?
I tried to look for the details of my account but I don’t see what phone number is attached.
I’m sure it’s my mothers number.

Is it possible to change that ? And is it ok for my sister to mine on her iPhone when my account has my mothers phone number attached ? I know this is complicated but this is what has developed. i didn’t see it arriving this way :smiley: Oh well.

Would love to hear what you have to tell me. Sorry for the complication !



I changed phone numbers, downloaded the app and logged in normally with passsword and pin. I just deleted the app from the other phone.



But there is no other phone technically, I think. My mother has a dumb phone.

I did try to add the app to another Samsung device that didn’t have a sim card.

I thought the app would work on any device.

It said it wasn’t allowed soon after I got it working. Strange.



So you created your account on another persons phone… who now runs it for a different person on a different phone?

No, i would expect that will not end well, you will have all sorts of issues with security and KYC waiting to happen there…as it looks very suspicious.

I would recommend your sister creates her own account for herself on her phone…you use your account on your phone. Contact support to see if you are allowed to change from your mums account to yours.



I didn’t mean for it to look suspicious ! Really.

Thanks for the advice. I will contact support.

I hope it won’t cause problems. But I should get it fixed for sure.

I really didn’t expect to be in this position. I didn’t realise I registered with my mothers phone .

Should have used my sisters anyway.



Can anyone tell me who I should contact regarding this issue ?

What’s their address ?




Just delete the app from their phone and install it to your phone when you have one. Done deal.

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I had the app on my older phone and deleted it and installed it on my new phone with a new number. I dont remember phone numbers being a problem at all.

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Ah thanks Bro.

I still double checked with the admin.

I’ll keep you posted !