Electroneum operating system

It has been decades for android and iOS in the mobile market and it might be worth thinking of having Electroneum operating system for those mobiles. Crypto friendly operating system with new features and Electroneum store for apps just like apple store and google play where etn will be used instead to buy whatever in there.

The phone comes pre-installed with Android Go which is basically a stripped down version that is less resource intensive than other Android OS. I do like your idea tho that you would be able to buy apps using ETN. It would be really good if Apple Store and Google Play allowed you to use ETN as a payment option.

Mobile streams may offer something like this :thinking: interesting.

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Etn app store down the road? Etnpay? :thinking:

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It would take a lot of work to support that in all the various languages. I used to follow Nokia and all it’s updates for the devices I had. It was a lot of work.
They can just brand an Android or Sailfish OS phone like they have done.

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