Electroneum on TIKTOK and LINKEDIN

Dear Community and Electroneum crew,

I would like to suggest that Electroneum becomes more active on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Linkedin. These platform can still give us the organic reach that we want to achieve with social media posts. Instagram and Fb are oldschool, of course we still need to be visible here, but Tik Tok and Linkedin would be much better platforms.

Furthermore I would like to see more content. Please take a look at the Gary Vaynerchuck content model. You can easily create high quality content with minimum cost : Gary Vaynerchuck content model

Content ideas:

  • On the ground live usage/experience by locals and vendors (proof of success)
  • Real life advantages (topping up cell phone data) (buying electricity) (buying groceries)
  • It needs to be real, authentic, trustworthy

Content generated viral content:

  • How about a reward for every social media post. For example: users can mine more ETN for 24 hours when posting an example of using ETN on TIKTOK. (max 1 per 24H) (for video post on tiktok)

-Linkedin can be used for more business to business marketing. We should create more high quality articles about user cases, solutions and results.

TikTok and Linkedin should really be used to create more organic reach. Please like my post if you agree so it will get noticed by the Electroneum team.

Here are some statistics of TIKTOK: Tiktok statistics

If you appreciate this idea pls VOTE!

Ok thank you Gary Vaynerchuck!

You forgot to vote :stuck_out_tongue:

thankyou for taking the time and sharing this idea , I’ll pass it on to the team @76172b77ebedb75fbcd8




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