Electroneum now accepts yoti-profiles with unverified address and gender


I was not able to set up a yoti profile with a verified address or gender, but
just now electroneum actually accepts this profile when i scan the QR code :+1:

For Level 2 identity verification ive uploaded my address information (copy of ISP utility bill)

YOTI and verify gender

@RSKNOR i couldn’t either i waited 24 hours and now i can upload it and continue also with utility bill im glad that they changed it :sunglasses:


Sorry how can I get the QR code because I’m still in level 1 and the only requirements at yoti side which is passport for my country I don’t have it how can I continue with the manual completion of kyc with electroneum site


On the app in the middle there is a button that says scan code then scan the code on the website and it Will Tell you to agree that you want to share things with electroneum and then on the website it Will automaticly let you continue as far as i know hope This helps :+1:


Nothing like sharing. I am still hook at this point of address issue.


I also managed to send the utility bill for verification. I wonder how long it will take.


When will the KYC application start?