Electroneum Nigeria


Electroneum Nigeria is a very large market here. So many miners and ETN users in Nigeria. We need NGN(naira currency) to be integrated to the payment api. I couldn’t proceed my WooCommerce, because NGN wasn’t provided.


I wish that our ETN project will be at least successful like mpesa in Kenya. So for sure we need cover all currencies like naira. Maybe next update bring it. @Egg write that he adds your currency to the list. We need 100 milions Nigerians on board for sure.


There is a large cryptocurrency and etn users in Nigeria. I alone have sold over 100,000 ETN to my fellow Nigerians in the last 6months. If it the market cap in Nigeria, I think ETN shouldn’t have worries, we are Large enough. Only the capacity of Lagos State, is Larger than the whole of Ghana, a country.


Once Lagos catches major cities in africa would be on fire


Why not create a support ticket ask the etn support to solve this ??


I have, they said currently they will update on the situation. They also gave a reply here: