Electroneum mining on pc?


hi all its passible to mining electoneum on pc ??
and whot program is debest


It’s seems possible. Look here for software download and instruction. I can’t give you any more tips, because I am an iMac owner :thinking:
Good luck :+1:t2:


It is fine to mine ETN on your pc if you just want to support the project. BUT do not expect it to be profitable in any extent. Currently ETN is designed to be mined with ASIC miners and is only profitable to mine with those.


It is possible. However the hash rates needed to get anything will mean that it is much more cost effective to just purchase electroneum. An asic is needed to mine electroneum.


You can mine it easy with the dedicated miner and generated executable file, both from nanopool, you have instructions in there. For some time I mined with a dedicated CPU miner too, which is the official one. However, as ASICs took over the network it will take forever to reach 100 mined coins, which is a minimum pay out requirement on nanopool (the last time I checked). A friend of mine who owns 13 Vega 64 GPUs gave up on mining it long time ago, and switched to Monero. Yet alone myself with only two Vega 64s.


Sir, I’m new to mining, I have a mac and I downloaded the Electroneum software for OS and I installed it
I’m not sure its setup correctly can you provide any help here is a snap shot of the setup, is this correct am I mining, I’m lost please help.


wow really, crazy thanks for the info


what’s the purpose of asking for your wallet key info in the mining process, if you get nothing out of it


You will get paid, i think what Kahvia was saying is that the reward in ETN will be less than the cost of powerign your Mac, so you’re losing money mining.

I am a member of a mining pool and use some ultra cheap SoC boards, it works and I get a payout about once a day of 1ETN. It costs me about £0.25 to run them though.

However, when the coins value is $1 it’ll have been worthwhile.


On ETN Ocean you can mine an easier coin and then the pool will automatically sell it and buy Electroneum on the exchange and pay you in Electroneum.