Electroneum Mining Farm Vote If Interested!


I have been thinking a lot lately and I need everyone’s help building on my thoughts. Could Electroneum @ETNCEO Or us as a community start a mining operation for Electroneum where community members/holders who aren’t able to run a mining operation of their own could pay to have a share of the farm. If we were able to organize something like this so that it was stable we could really leverage the asic dumpers and contribute to us holders imo. Also a way for us unable to run asic miners still able to help support the blockchain. I have been thinking this could be organized. But I need all your help here what do you think? If Electroneum can’t create a sub division for this could one of us create a company to do such a thing? Everyone’s shares goes into the operation and gets split into shares earned from the miners. I know there are a lot of us that don’t know how to or can’t run an asic but would love to contribution to Electroneum blockchain.

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I like the idea, but my main issue would be:
Can I trust the creator/operator of such a mining farm/pool?

If done by a trusted member of the community with access to cheap electricity and a cold environment (Siberia anyone?), and plenty of transparency I would buy some shares of this mining farm.

Shareholders getting their cut of etn to do whatever they want to do with their earnings perhaps?
How to pay for costs of running such a farm?
Hodl-farm for at least a year ? Initial share investment to cover costs of 1 to X year(s) of hosting and mining ?

Have you looked at the numbers if we were about to create a prototype (but expandable) asic-farm ?
Location ? Costs ? I guess the farm has to be supervised and run by someone too

Would be perfect for people not able to put up the money or skills to buy and run 1 asic.
If the prototype farm is like 50 asics, maybe 2500+ shareholders would be interested in placing 100-200$ into this idea?


I think it is a great idea and we should have it.


I agree @RSKNOR whoever did this would need to be completely transparent as trust is not just given. That is why I believe a company should do this. I believe a sub division of Electroneum would be best as they would benefit and be able to incorporate best. But if not a company would need to be running it I believe to be able to make sure everything is on the up and up.

You pay your shares into the operation and that gets split between share holders. I think 50 would be a good starting amount to be able to have enough serious holders to be invested. What are you paying to run your 50 @M-Kid
If there is enough interest in this maybe this is possible. I believe there are many people not able to or can’t run an asic but would contribute to be involved.


There is a ASIC miner hosting service using 40-foot shipping containers located in Estonia

I do not know if this is a real company or a scam


There are a few things like this that exist I think it would be great if something like this was available for us


You should definitely consider Quebec, Canada :slight_smile: we have a 0,07 rate and 6 months of cold weather. My little operation is being passively cooled in my shed since october 12th.


Im interested in hearing what you put together,
Especially along the lines of renewable or supplemented energy.
Shipping container type mobile set perfect.
I believe sir Richard Branson may grant you a scholarship for a project like this if it was put together in the right context.!
Thats not just a dream, if you have a big enough voice he’d be more than willing to hear you im sure.


I would love to see electroneum create this into their system as it would benefit them greatly but I do like this thought and have been thinking about it a lot lately. I’ll try to get a better blueprint together shortly any help is appreciated!


Ok,As far as alternative power goes , two"recent""developments spring to mind.
One is the "pod dolphin"its a water driven turbine.
Thats ok if you live near Niagra…but were talking serious KW/H here.
The other is the hydrogen generator in which theyve just made some serious breakthroughs To get them into the automobile industry.thats probably still not enough grunt to run the setup youre talking about.
Power and/or associated cost of generating t is the major reason I can see it fail.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btdX8QdbyRQ solar panel tracks the sun becoming more efficient in the energy it collects … how cool is that?


Saw this idea form last night in the other thread and I am completely behind it. It sounds like the perfect sub business a division of ETN could take on and control. No more trust issues. Its just too bad that something like this would take a massive undertaking and they are already busy with their current work load.


If we could create a new age technology mining operation and have it be profitable because of renewable energy that is very eye appealing. Cost of operation is at the fore front of it. If there was a way we could crowd fund to split initial cost of the operation maybe that’s an option. If whoever can contribute buys a share into the initial operation and gets lasting share into the profit of the operation. Like an extra % for those who helped the initial funding. Just batting around ideas. I’ve heard of crowd funding for things like this before


I don’t expect Richard or his team to orchestrate this but they could bring in a couple of people to do this. I agree they are busy and focused and they need to be. But I believe the mining farm being under Electroneum as a company would be amazing!


Perhaps a subsidiary? Theres nothing stopping a businessman from going to them with this idea as a business plan and entering into an official partnership with ETN. All they can say is “no.” The final decisions would be under their authority and they could assign a consultant to oversee everything being done?


It could definitely be like that also as long as it’s a trusted Electroneum member for us holders.


If youre going to crowd fund youd build an initial unit like a free standing unit, self powered container type structure then duplicate it , franchise it.
I still think the amount of power needed exceeds what can realistically be self generated…


I agree but it would offset power consumption costs greatly if done right. Part of the shares users would buy into would go for power costs maintenance warehouse costs and residual profit shares for initial investors


I like the idea, subsidiary could operate like Elevate Group(you own your miner and their management fee is 20%), and could perhaps allow buying a fraction of a miner to allow more people getting involved.


That’s a good idea of an option also thanks for your imput!