Electroneum mining farm in nigeria

Dear members,
It is really great to be part of something awesome like ELECTRONEUM.Except you are not seeing the bigger picture.I am a strong believer in ETN and i am sure that by 2022 ETN would be among the top 8 coins in the world,we might in the next 20 year overtake Bitcoin.
However,i want to bring ETN closer to my people here in Nigeria and create employment for the teeming youths.Please i am really interested in setting up a mining farm to mine ETN exclusively.Energy is very cheap where i live.Please anyone with any useful information that can aid me to set up an ETN mining farm in NIgeria would be really appreciated and it’ll go a long way to help other African entrepreneurs to set up ETN mining farm across Africa.
I look forward to hearing from members.

Hi, Because ETN believes in Asic miner, you should buy them. I have a baikal N plus that runs 43 Khs and that gives me arround 60 coins per day. The power use is only 120 watt, No noise No Heat (you can control the fan, and i did put it on 15% and still only 34 degrese celcius) So those baikal are very good at low cost. The cost now $266 at baikal site.
So first step is to choose location and prepare, then buy a whole lot of baikal miners(as much as you can affort) and start mining.


Cool. I would love to join you do that. I stay in Port Harcourt, but I go on business trips in other cities like Lagos, Delta, etc. We can connect to do that.