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AFAIK the GUI pool miner released by the ETN team for PCs doesn’t work anymore. Even if it works it doesn’t use the GPU so you’ll get less than 1 etn a day. Even with a miner software which uses both the CPU and GPU e.g. xmr-stak you’ll get less than 1 etn a day on a modern PC with Intel Core I7 7700 at 3.6 GHz and Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU at the present blockchain difficulty.

What can give a better daily etn with this kind of PC is winminer from winminer.com. It selects the best cryptocoin automatically to mine but you get the rewards in btc which you can transfer to Cryptopia and change it to etn. My PC made about $0.5 a day which is about 65 etn a day with winminer at the present etn price. What I didn’t like that I had to wait 10 days to get $5 because that’s the minimum you can transfer from winminer to Cryptopia. In 10 days the price of etn can change significantly so you may lose etn while waiting 10 days.